La France Monsieur is a unique dedicated endeavor to promote french artists toward the USA and enhance American and French artists collaborations. It does help American artists to discover and work with french creators.


Past contributions (among others) :

- Deep Forest music (with the voice of Peter Gabriel) for the Kathryn Bigelow's film Strange Days 

- Mirwais composition and production for both Madonna's albums Music and American Life

- Mirwais and Michel Colombier for the main title of the James Bond Die another day, starring Madonna

- Robert music and voice for the Givenchy advertising starring Uma Thurman

Awards :

- Grammy Award for the Deep Forest album Bohème
- Grammy nomination for Mirwais, for the production of Madonna's album Music
- N°1 worldwide for the single Music
- USA Platinium album for the Deep Forest album Deep Forest

2014 Projects :

- Exhibition and show at the Los Angeles Hollyhocks House, in collaboration with Paris Photo
- La France Monsieur music compilation to be released and available on site

La France Monsieur New York compilation :

1. France Culture Arnaud Fleurent-Didier

2. Disco Science Mirwais

3. Milk teeth Mohini Gesweiller

4. La tour de Pise Jean-François Coen

5. Les Jupes Robert

6. Sweet Lullaby Deep Forest

7. Orange Shazz

8. La normalité Les Objets


US contact :